Customer Support

MAIET does not have customer support via phone. Please understand about this, and please contact us for any questions about MAIET’s products via the official websites of each game.


Nonhyun-Dong 15-11 Jeong Bldg. 3F, Kangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea (135-010)


You can easily get to MAIET by subway. Once you get to Shinsa Station of line number 3, you need to exit from the Exit number 1. Go straight past Broadway Cinema until you see a coffee & dessert cafe, Mango Six. Turn right there and walk up the hill to the top until you find GS25 convenient store. Turn left and walk about 30m. You will find a hospital Aurora and we are located on the third floor of that building.

Find via Google Maps


Below is the official channel of available contact via e-mail for you. However, please understand that we do not support customers about game running/play or product refund/exchange.

  • General Inquiry: You can ask about general questions related with MAIET’s product. However, we may not be able to answer if the content of question is too generous or related with game play/refund of charges.
  • Business Inquiry: You can ask about company partnership or product licensing.